This is for the underdogs

I know that most pages have an About Me section.

That’s not for this dawg.

Cause I’m trying to make this website be less about me than past endeavors. It will still feature me, because I’m an introvert at most times, and I’m definitely an eccentric, so not mainstream enough to spend time with the majority of the population.

It will not be all sunshine and roses, although I love reading sites that are, because that’s not how life is.

This site will be pulpy and brutally honest at times.

I’m tired of holding back who I am, and as a result this site will have naked, NSFW photos, maybe even videos if I can get them to upload on here, and lots of strange, strange thoughts.

I’m sorry if any of those offends someone that doesn’t deserve to be offended by the nature of something I post. I ask that if something makes you uneasy, don’t insult me. Instead, explain to me why you disagree with it and let’s see if we can come to some greater understanding listening to each other.

I’m not saying we will come to some great accord, but let’s at least bask in the freedom of being able to have our own varying thoughts and opinions, and the ability to live on a planet that spurs complexities beyond our solving.

Life is too short and rich to be dishonest or hostile (although I know I can’t help but have an impulse to this at times – I’m working on it.)

I’m ending this with a shout-out to some of the realest group of people I have ever met, my family: