Enter the Loneliness, April 6, 2020

Click to link to that video of Emily Ratajkowski doing her seductive jig for all of society’s benefit. Thank you Emrata. You’re a real gift.
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Song of the Moment:"Supa lonely" -Benee
'Readers, Do you have a tactic for how you deal with loneliness?
My marriage is rocky.
I have friends and family, but they live across the country.
April 6, 2020
I don't know where you are reader, but I imagine many of you are not feeling too different from me. A flush of friendship last week may have been encouraging, but now that we're 3-4 weeks in, aren't you tired of yourself?
In some ways I've made strides....
In a couple weeks, if not sooner, I'll be launching a website I've been thinking of launching all year, and now that I. have help to realize it. it seems feasible, but today I don't want anything to do with it.
Right now I want to stew in the all consuming loneliness that is today.
I want to lay atop the two layer mattress of my tent and masturbate to Emily Ratajkowski dancing in a 15 second cycling repeat, till I reach a quick climax, which I'll hide from my husband, alongside everything else I hide from him.

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