I Think Covid-19 Broke Me – I Don’t Think I Can Return to My Job

From a couple weeks back in time

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I'm about to write something antithetical to so many of my past posts. A long time ago I was a very productive Bitch. I worked hard, cared about my
grades, my career prospects. I thought about my professional appearance, and generally wanted to impress the people around me.
BUT THEN! Covid-19 came DOWN to this EARTH and KICKED EVERYONE's ASS.
My work ethic has long been in decline.
I'm at a point in my life where I don't have to work very hard to make a living.
Essentially, I make $60K a year to drive some kids around Los Angeles, run errands, walk a dog a few times a week, and help here and there as a
receptionist at a commercial real estate office.
However, I'm struggling with the reality of returning to a life where I leave this warehouse to pursue other things beyond these four walls.
Writing the above piece in green is cathartic because doing so makes me realize how lazy I am! Oy why am I so ridiculous?