It’s a Pajama Party, or is Covid-19 Depression Setting in?

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April 7, 2020
Today is better than yesterday, although yesterday ended up being kind of awesome.
Instead of trying to be productive, in the peak of the development of my website meant to help high schoolers all over the world, I sat in my jammies, which consist of sweatpants that read "Harvard Westlake,” from the daughter in the family I work for. She's good them despite their being in perfectly wearable shape. Also wearing a large Madewell sweater found in the trash on
some steps in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, not long before I moved 💔 to Los Angeles.
Trash truly is my favorite place to build my own wardrobe, and likely a good deal of the reason why I'm not Fashionable.
That's right folks! I'M HEALED!
My head is no longer with the madness that makes me google “Covid-19 SUICIDE.” (which I did right before I lay down in bed to explore this medium. Uh oh!)

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