Hey World, I Need Some Career Help. Part 2… I’m Having Second Thoughts

Read yesterday’s post first, and then come back here.

Here is what I am thinking to propose:

Hire me at $3000/month – this gives you 15 hours a week or 60 hours a month to use me, solely on domestic tasks. Anything over that you can pay me at $50/hour.

Well that’s what I thought last night, and then today I spent time with the son and his friend, and it was just easy, lovely, and interesting.

I took the boys to a private surf lesson. Their first one ever.

Struggling into a wetsuit

It was delightful watching them laugh, wiggle, and struggle into their wetsuits. They had not expected them to be so tight, and as tiny 11 year olds they needed help from the instructor and me in pulling their legs through the pant legs.

It was fun and intimate having these kids, one whom I met for the first time today, rely on me for balance and a change in wear. It was sweet watching the two boys struggle to carry a surfboard down the steps of the private beach access, and then along the esplanade of the beach.

Private beach access in Malibu

Now I know the little squirt, the last I saw him, was a pain in the neck, complaining about having to go to baseball practice. However, I love kids and it was easy for me seeing him today, and his friend, to have my heart open back up and want to forget what pain in the tush he was the last time I saw him.

I want to forgive and forget his mother as well. I don’t know if doing so is a big mistake, but I suppose that if she is cruel to me, I can always quit later.

Heading out to the water for their first surf lesson

So I’m tempted to return to work – on the part-time basis proposed above because I find the office work soul sucking – but to try as much as possible to attenuate the time I have to be in NYC to flip the Airbnb’s to annual rentals, so that I can be there for my employer family …oyyy!