Almost Working for Sheryl Sandberg | Lazy Sunday Vlog

Working as a personal assistant for nearing a decade, I have worked for directors, Venture Capitalists, Actors, and almost.. for Sheryl Sandberg, CEO of Facebook.

It did not happen in the end because while she was keen on my resume, it was just much easier for her to hire locally at the moment. It’s a shame because I would have loved to work for her because even though she’s evil, she’s not small bits of evil, she’s large bits of evil, and I’m into it. But really, she does what she does to protect her company, and if that means selling your private data to keep Facebook running and growing, that’s what a Sheryl is going to do.

I would have loved working for her because it would have brought me one step closer to working for ultimate-possibly-bad-guy Elon Musk, and his wife, Grimes. I don’t want to be their nanny, but I’d love to be their PA.

Their at home, go to, right hand kind of girl.
Of course, if this did happen, I’d be living for them, rather than for me, so this may not be for the best anyway. I would not have the freedom to travel as much as I’d like. I’d be unable to nomad or pick from the trash as I like to. Or maybe I would. Maybe I’d teach them a thing or two about how to be more sustainable now that Elon Musk has made claims that he’d like to give up his worldly goods.

Well, a path untaken, but maybe taken by some inter-dimensional me. Otherwise, this is just a lazy ASMR like video of me peacefully putting together a penpal letter in the comfort of the warehouse I live in during the pandemic. Cool cool. Please like and subscribe the video if you’d keen.Ciao-da